The Ultimate Smart Home Experience Premium

Total Control 2.0


Introducing the next generation of premium, whole-house automation and control. URC Total Control 2.0 brings your house to life with leading-edge technology and unsurpassed performance for a truly personalized smart home experience



Talk with visitors at the front door, communicate with family members in other rooms and see live surveillance camera video from high-definition tabletop controllers and in-wall touchscreens.



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Voice Controls


 Total Control integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control. Virtually any Total Control function that can be performed with a button press can be activated via voice control. 

Enjoy Personalized Control


 Professionally programmed menus and custom designed onscreen graphics create a truly personalized experience. 

Imagine the Possibilities


 Total Control integrates with thousands of products for robust, premium home automation and control. 

Make Your Home A Smart Home




Create the ultimate family living and entertaining experience with Total Control 2.0. Build a dedicated home theater with top-of-the-line speakers and premium electronics – or outfit your family room with the latest tech gear. Install a whole-house entertainment system to share AV content from room to room. Enjoy personalized Favorite Channels and Shortcuts menus – plus custom onscreen graphics.

Game Time: When it’s time for the game, simultaneously illuminate the pathway to your front door, crank up the TV and stream play-by-play audio throughout your home with one touch of your in-wall touchscreen.




Total Control DMS multi-zone amplifiers and streaming network players deliver high-quality, uncompressed audio from your TV, premium AV components, streaming services and personal music collection. Install a distributed audio system for instant access to your favorite music indoors and out. Select your sources, navigate your playlists and see cover art on your touchscreens, remotes and apps.

Party Time: Set the perfect outdoor entertaining scene to get the party started with your good friends, favorite songs and multi-color LED pool lighting




A premium smart home lighting system is sure to enhance the style, comfort and safety of your house. Precisely control your kitchen, home theater, bedroom and hallway lighting for everyday convenience. Illuminate your front porch, driveway, backyard and pool for ambiance and peace of mind. Enjoy intuitive one-touch control with URC touchscreens, remotes, keypads and apps – even voice commands.

Welcome Home: Never come home to a dark house with Total Control. Turn on interior and exterior lighting with handy one-touch app control and pre-programmed automated scenes.

Added Comforts




Make your home more comfortable and energy efficient with Total Control. Your trained URC systems integrator will program your system to deliver the ideal heating and cooling settings – day-to-day and season-to-season. Total Control is so versatile that you can even use it to control and automate your pool, spa or sprinkler system. Save energy while you are away with automated temperature scenes.

Good Morning: Wake up every day to the ideal temperature, soft lighting, the morning news and the aroma of coffee brewing in the kitchen – made possible by your amazing Total Control system




Whether it’s time to start your day, watch a movie or retire for the night, you will enjoy the convenience of one-touch shade control. Raise, lower and tilt your motorized blinds and shades with just one touch, or experience precisely automated scenes that respond based on time, day, light or temperature to keep your home comfortable and energy efficient all day long.

Movie Time: Gather family and friends for an impromptu movie night. Lower the shades, dim the lights, set the temperature and start the movie with just one touch home automation.




Lock the doors, close the garage and arm the security system with a single touch. View live video from integrated door stations and security cameras from your Total Control touchscreens, remotes and apps. Communicate with visitors at the front door or family members in other rooms using the built-in, high-resolution video intercom. Even use the mobile app to remotely open the door for a family member, friend or delivery.

Goodnight: Turn off the whole house and view live security camera video from your master bedroom at the end of the day.